Emily & Mark Peterson live in Jersey City, NJ. We share an apartment with a very vocal black cat, who at age 7, is still named Baby Kitten.

We know how to cook, eat and drink. We fell in love over a pile of mushrooms at a farmer’s market and when we got married, we told our parents that if all of the budget went to food and drink, we’d be okay with that.

Emily is currently enrolled at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, makes killer meatloaf and macaroni and cheese & won “Best in Show” for her peanut butter cookies as a kid. Mark is a gardener who travels far and wide for all things related to bacon, ice cream, donuts and cheese. They’ve never met a cut of meat they didn’t like, and they really love each other.

This blog is a project to track amazing meals, and the people who make them happen, from the farm to the table, either in a restaurant or created at home.

In the meantime, eat well, drink well and remember that all the fun is in the making.

~ The Gourmand & The Peasant


5 responses to “About

  1. Congrats!!
    A great idea, and I look forward to a year’s worth!

  2. G & P (Alias M & E) – You do know how to eat and drink well. Need a testimonial – I’ll be happy to oblige. Good luck with the blogs E – that’s a lot of scripting.

  3. Lindsay Angelo

    I am so proud of you EM! Can’t wait to hear the great recipe you and Mark cook up with the sausage I bring back next week. YUMMY!

  4. would you believe i never looked up to see the “about” part of this blog? until today, that is. i’d say good luck, but it’s already been said, and you’re obviously successful. and inspiring to so many members of your family, me especially. well, i can only speak for myself!

  5. wait you moved to jersey???
    very cool blog idea:)
    how bout some GF cooking ideas?

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