Happy Anniversary!!

March 17 marks the one year anniversary of In the Making. I want to thank you for reading and cooking and commenting and sending us love these past 365 days! We look forward to sending it right back at you in the form of food, wine and culinary tidbits!

Try the recipes that exist and the ones that are to come. Email me if things go great or fall apart completely and remember that all the fun is in the making.


3 responses to “Happy Anniversary!!

  1. Wow. A full year. You have really come a long way, not to mention fulfilling that life-long dream of it.

    Best wishes for many years of In the Making!

  2. one year!
    keep it up:)

  3. carolyn wilson

    Congrats on your graduation, Emily.

    You are a prolific foodblog writer! It will take me a while, but I will follow it. Loved the truffle video and photos of garden. Ken is experimenting with ice cream: dark chocolate from 70+% bars and his masterpiece, bourbon ginger. As usual, no recipes involved; he improvises on almost everything he makes. Keep in touch and keep Louisville in mind as a foodie destination. The Wilson B&B is always open to you and Mark.

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