A Great Article on Foie Gras

In case you haven’t seen the cover in your neck of the woods (thank you Clustrmap.com!) The Village Voice gave prime real estate to foie gras production in the Hudson Valley.

I think its spot on. Please read it here and discuss. 

Here’s what I wrote to the article’s author:

Dear Sarah,

I am a student at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC. I’m also a career changer, so foie gras wasn’t new to me in the last few weeks when it appeared in recipes. I am an avid supporter of sustainable, local food production, I fish, my parents raise and slaughter chickens. My brother is an avid bow hunter. But even I was squeamish about foie gras, for exactly the reasons you outline.
The marketing of false brutality is shameful. 
Thank you for giving me a tour of the Hudson Valley foie gras farm. I will happily support their enterprise and no longer wonder if I am supporting the torture of ducks. 
Thank you also for printing Chef Brassel’s quote regarding the hypocrisy of protesting meat while wearing Uggs and leather coats. Its easy to jump on a band wagon – and lucky for us, even easier to be pushed off.
Keep up the good writing!

PS, I’m wearing Uggs right now. Well, Bear Claws. Uggs’ cheap bastard cousin.


One response to “A Great Article on Foie Gras

  1. I am so glad you are discussing these issues. I think some foie gras producers are more humane than others. And I think the methods for producing foie gras are become more and more humane, check out a producer in Spain, where they don’t force feed them at all. They do it by the seasons, the ducks fatten themselves right before winter. Pretty awesome. I will check out this article.

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