Happy New Year Post!

A warm Happy New Year to all of you foodies out there. Cheers to all that 2009 has in store for us, may it all be delicious!

As for me, culinary school is swimming along and the tension is mounting, which is strange, considering no one is actually competing for anything, except center stage. Speaking of which, last night I performed at my very first storytelling event at The Creek in Long Island City, Queens. Storytelling is kind of like doing stand-up but there is no requirement to be funny. But I was and it was really fun. The theme was “2008” and I told the story of how I quit my life to start over as a chef. I didn’t make it too well-known in advance that I was actually doing this until I was sure I could… actually do it. The place was packed and I left a room full of strangers entertained. Thanks to Brad and Cindy

The Gourmand & I will be spending this evening in the best way we know how – eating beef bulgogi & cheetos and drinking Pain Killers and cava and setting the alarm for midnight to get up and watch the ball drop. Perfect.

The painkiller was our specialty cocktail at our wedding and has a long story behind it that I’ll tell you someday. In the meantime, the recipe consists of good quality dark rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, sweetened cream of coconut, shaken and poured with crushed ice and served with a hefty grating of fresh nutmeg.



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