New Email Subscription Link!

So those close to me know that I have been in the market for a new computer since I realized all sorts of technojumbo that is totally uninteresting unless you are a computer geek.

However! I discovered a solution that allows the Gourmand and I to keep our circa 2000 iMac G4, which Apple no longer supports, but is like an elderly pet to us. We know its time to put her down, but we just aren’t ready yet. (Read: We broke.)

So, in the meantime, Feedburner will collect your email address and everytime we post a new delicious recipe or informative review, you’ll be notified. No more having to apologize at family functions for falling off the In the Making wagon. The link is right there in the upper right corner.

We have big stuff planned for this site, so sign up today, keep in touch, and remember that all the fun is in the making!


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