Alchemy Restaurant

What?! A restaurant review? Okay, so the truth is I was a little traumatized by my last attempt at a restaurant review and promise to, from this point forward, name the place, even if the review is less than flattering.

This however, is not one of those reviews. This is an appraisal at Park Slope’s best restaurant – of course that is only my opinion, but having eaten at many, this place is it.

 The Gourmand & I were reluctant to go for years. We are a little jaded of the “Brooklyn Restaurant Scene” and a gastropub sounded more like “can’t figure out our business plan” than our new go-to eatery.

Our first dinner there was accidental. The carnivores among you can attest to that moment (or moments) in your life when you need steak. Its probably something primal, like an iron dip, but whatever the cause, you know: I need steak.

Home from my day job, the Gourmand searched “Brooklyn Steak” and paged through Google, passed that other joint we can’t afford, and found a review of Alchemy

We arrived on a hot night, and I asked the woman who sat us for a glass of rosé. She said, cheerfully “I’ll send your server right over!” In most places this means “tell her.” Here, the server came with the glass of wine. Small details set a place apart from its neighboring competition and scream professionalism. 

The Gourmand ordered the fish & chips, I had the steak served with kale and, without issue, substituted brussel sprouts for the potatoes. When the server asked how I’d like my steak, I deferred to the chef, as this is really their place to judge. 

Now, you should know this meal was a bit back in time, maybe the end of April or May. We’ve been back several times since and every time is amazing. But the steak is the stuff of dreams. I cannot describe it any other way than to say, it was the tenderness of a baby’s thigh. No, I don’t dine on the flesh of babes, but I have had the opportunity to pinch a few loved ones and this steak was that: supple, pink, succulent… I could go on, but someone might call CPS.

The fish & chips was fluffy and beer battered with a deft hand. No pasty, undercooked batter here. And hand cut fries. Yum.

The kale is of note as well. Tiny leaves, perfectly presented, standing up on the plate, brightly steamed? blanched? green and perfect compliment to my baby thigh…um…steak!

Last night we returned to toast the engagement of one of our best friends in the world. I had salmon with pineapple salsa, haricots verts (or green beans) and roasted potatoes. The men both had a medium rare burger with bacon and bleu cheese. Just perfect. Perfectly cooked, perfectly priced and perfectly paired with an array of wines and local beers (2-for-1 before 7!)

I could go on. I could also list a large handful of places in Park Slope to avoid if you know what’s good for you. Alchemy, I promise, will not disappoint… unless you bring a baby.


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