Grilled Pizzas

The Gourmand & I had grilled pizzas at our wedding last summer (actually, our guests did.) I heard that they came out fabulously but was skeptical. How come the dough doesn’t fall through the grill? Isn’t one side crusty and the side with toppings, well, doughy?

I was inspired by Heidi Swanson at last week, as she posted a blog about grilled pizzas and decided that for 4th of July, I’d try it out. Our REAL cooking day was on Saturday (more on that to come.)

She recommends making your own dough, which is easy and accessible, but since we’d arrive late at our destination, we went to our favorite Italian Deli and bought dough from them, as well as an assortment of toppings and appetizers. Each thing we asked Sal for, a high school friend of mine, he asked us “topping or appetizer?” Provolone and Salami? Appetizer. Zucchini? Topping. Artichokes? Topping. Spicy dried sausage? Both!

So, here’s how it works and what we learned:

1. Put the dough in the refrigerator when not in use. If it gets too warm, its extremely hard to handle.

2. On a floured board, use a floured pin to roll out a baseball-sized ball of dough to a Frisbee-sized disk. Use gravity to pull and stretch to evenly thin to your liking. Not one of mine came out circular and they were just as delicious. I was calling them “The Texas” or “The Kidney.”

3. Oil one side and flip that side face down onto a hot grill, and oil the side that is now face up. As long as the dough hasn’t gotten too warm, it won’t fall through.

4. Flip the dough when the underside is toasty (This is how the top doesn’t get doughy!) Here’s the important part. You have to pile on your toppings and cover to warm them but you only have as long as the dough will take to toast on the bottom. So, make your topping decisions before you flip for maximum melting time.

We used Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce, heated up, and it was delish.

Topping combinations that we liked:

Artichoke, chopped olives and rosemary
Tomato sauce, spicy sausage, fresh ripped basil leaves, and mozzarella
Broccoli Rabe and mozzarella
Tomato sauce, zucchini, roasted garlic and mozzarella

Fear Not! You may never say “digiorno” again!


One response to “Grilled Pizzas

  1. …turns out we missed the “piece de resistance”.
    Can’t wait to try this at home.

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