Where have we been?!

It is in poor taste, I know, to launch a new blog and then disappear for a full week! And, without fair warning, and for that, dear readers, I apologize – we hope you can forgive us ; -)

We were here and loved every relaxing moment.

Also, I had a moment of ethical pause. Prior to leaving, the Gourmand & I went out to a new (to us) restaurant in Park Slope. I was all prepared to write about the experience, except that it was terrible. Well, no. Not terrible. The company was wonderful and the food was good, but everything else about the place made me wonder how they’d managed to stay in business for so long (“Two years, I think…” according to the server.) Excepting that they appeal to an extremely specific slice of lifestyle, I took pause with how little it takes to keep this restaurant afloat.

Notice how I’ve not mentioned the name? Herein lies my dilemma. What is the distinction between education readers and perceived slander by the establishment, who, judging by the enthusiasm of the staff won’t be bothered to look up what anyone is saying about them anyway.

What are your thoughts? Are poor reviews as valuable as good ones or does the silence speak for itself? I’ll have no problem negatively rating my own cooking debacles but for those who make their rent off the endeavour, is it better to give no press at all?


One response to “Where have we been?!

  1. Of course negative reviews are helpful! I only have so much coin to drop on eating out; I promise to contribute 10% of whatever money the G&P save me through their words of warning. 😉

    Seriously though… If you take a strong stance (negatively or positively), it gives people something to respond to, thereby fostering dialogue… Which is kind of the point, right? Maybe the place you didn’t like is my favorite! That would be interesting. At the very least, give us the name!


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