How to Roast a Mushroom Like a Chicken

This is a secret recipe from the dinner over which The Gourmand & The Peasant fell in love. There is a wonderful mushroom called the “Hen of the woods” or maitake.  The first step to winning your love is to find a great source of mushrooms.  All of our best mushrooms have come from the farmer’s market at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn. Most recently, we have been getting great mushrooms from the John D. Madura Farm. We were so happy to see a bountiful pile of Hen of the Woods last Saturday, the first of the season. They get their name from their shape – they look like a brown chicken with her feathers all fluffed up.

Obtain a large hen of the woods mushroom, preferably a half-pound or better.
Dice two scallions.
Chop some thyme.
Salt and pepper.
Good olive oil. 

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.
Put the whole mushroom on a roasting tray lined with aluminum foil.
Sprinkle the mushroom with the scallion, thyme, salt and pepper.
Drizzle the mushroom with olive oil.
Put the mushroom in the hot oven and roast until the tips of the mushroom are dark brown and crispy.
The interior should be hot and moist, about 15 minutes.

Slice and enjoy as a appetizer or, serve with a grain or your choice and green salad.



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