$6 Goulash

Hungry for a recession special? If not, awesome. If you are, or you just like good cheap food, Monday nights at Cafe Steinhoff in Brooklyn offers a bowl of Goulash for six bucks. You can sit at a table next to a dad with his kids or an old couple, or share the bar with a morose couple of single dudes. Either way, great people watching.

Goulash is a hearty and warm tomato-based beef stew. If you are lucky, your serving will include a red potato that’s been cooking since the previous night. Given the recent March goes out like a lion weather in Brooklyn, its just what a hungry soul needs. When you come through the door, the staff makes sure you know its goulash night. (They also have a trout dish, but I’ve never had any reason to order it.)  The kitchen is closed so that’s it for entrees, and for dessert, there’s apple bread pudding, but I didn’t order that.

You get rolls to finish up your gravy, but they leave some to be desired in the taste and texture category. They work just great as gravy sponges.

A selection of tap beers includes my favorite! Gaffel Kölsch from Germany. Very hard to find on tap, so I’m thrilled when I stumble across it.

For $27, including a five-dollar tip, we left warm, full and happy.

Cafe Steinhoff
422 7th Ave
Park Slope, Brooklyn


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