Nasturtium Flowers and Meyer Lemons

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, and although I haven’t attended church in years, I still keep the tradition of a big spring flavor-themed meal and yesterday was no different. M & I started on Saturday at the Grand Army Plaza Green Market, just starting to come back to life after the winter dormancy.

We helped ourselves to a bag full of beautiful young shoots – pea, sunflower, arugula – all crisp and fresh and peppery. Next to the greens on the the table was one remaining box of nasturtium flowers, which I had never actually eaten. The flowers were brilliant orange and red and stood out from the cold morning and came home with us.

If you’ve never eaten a nasturtium flower, I hope that you will someday. The petals are light as air and stick to your tongue a little, almost as if they are melting. There’s a certain sensuousness to eating a flower. I felt like a Greek goddess, eating these spicy colors. At the base of each set of petals, there is a tiny drop of nectar that is so sweet, but you have to pay attention or you might miss it hidden in the pepper.

Next we went to Fairway Market in Red Hook and right inside the front door was a huge pile of Meyer Lemons. These lemons are actually (according to Wikipedia) a hybrid of a regular lemon and a tangerine so they are sour-orange and lemon flavored. M & I bought one and hoped that for $1.50 per lemon (!) it would be worth it. We bought leeks, asparagus, a fennel bulb and tarragon for what was intended to be a strata, but ended up a bread-free fritata due to inadequate soaking time. This required cheese, so we bought aged gouda and for a side dish, barley, cilantro, a yellow bell pepper and shelled soy beans.

Following are the recipes, and I hope you’ll feel free to experiment and share you culinary explorations! After all, the joy of cooking is all in the making.

Peace and peas.


One response to “Nasturtium Flowers and Meyer Lemons

  1. Yummy Yum Yum Yum…that’s all I can say…..Yum

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